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Bookshelves, which, like our category system, serves to organize wikibooks along topical lines.

Bookshelves and Categories[edit]

The bookshelf and category systems complement each other. As a rule, bookshelves should not contain other bookshelves, unlike categories.

Adding Books[edit]

To add a book to a bookshelf, simply add a link to the book's title page to the appropriate bookshelf, along with an indicator of development. A book may be placed along more than one bookshelf.

Removing Books[edit]

A book can only be removed from a bookshelf if it is deleted altogether, in accordance to the deletion policy. Once a book is deleted, its entry should be removed from the bookshelf in question. However, books can be moved between bookshelves, in which case the entry should be moved to the appropriate destination bookshelf.

Why shelve books?[edit]

Bookshelves encourage the development of existing books over adding new books, especially forks of existing books.

Bookshelf management[edit]

Bookshelves should only be created if existing bookshelves are in excess of material and a significant number of books can belong on the new bookshelf. Likewise, bookshelves should only be removed if the bookshelf is on material that is considered too specific in scope and a very few number of books on the new bookshelf. Proposals on adding or removing bookshelves should be made at Wikibooks:Bookshelf requests.

List of bookshelves[edit]

See Wikibooks:All bookshelves