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The blocking guideline is simple: if you are disruptive to Wikibooks, you may be blocked. Be civil and respectful to other Wikibookians.

Blocking[edit source]

Blocks should be used by administrators to protect Wikibooks, not as punishment. Administrators should exercise their best judgment in determining whether someone is being disruptive, whether to warn or block, and for how long a block should last. Just like all other actions, blocks are open to review.

Unblocking[edit source]

Unblocking should only be performed if disruption is no longer a concern. Like with blocking, its up to administrators to determine when disruption is no longer an issue. However in order to avoid disruption, administrators should either consult the blocking administrator or discuss a block on the Administrative Assistance page before overturning another administrator's block. When in doubt share your concerns and work cooperatively.

If you have been blocked, you may request to be unblocked using the {{unblock}} template on your talk page, which you should still be able to edit. If you believe someone else was wrongly blocked you may discuss it on the Administrative Assistance page.

Controversial[edit source]

At times there may be strong disagreement on what the appropriate action should of been or what the appropriate response should be. If a block or unblock action is particularly controversial administrators should avoid taking action or overturning a previous action until discussion has quieted down and a clear consensus has been reached. An action with consensus should not be overturned without strong proof that disruption has continued or will discontinue and may be grounds for having your tools removed if done inappropriately.