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This arbitration case is over. Do not edit the contents of this page

I have agreed to take on this situation as an arbitrator for the moment, as there have been some rather serious "charges" put up against User:Panic2k4 that have resulted in his account being blocked on several occasions. As outlined at User talk:Panic2k4, I've set up the following process to attempt to resolve this situation. --Rob Horning 20:35, 4 January 2007 (UTC)

The follwing four steps will be filled in by alternatively those who are pushing for arbitration, and then by the defendant, in this case User:Panic2k4:

  1. Wikibooks:Arbitration/Panic2k4 vs. SBJohnny/Plaintiff Charges
  2. Wikibooks:Arbitration/Panic2k4 vs. SBJohnny/Defendant Reply
  3. Wikibooks:Arbitration/Panic2k4 vs. SBJohnny/Plaintiff Rebuttal
  4. Wikibooks:Arbitration/Panic2k4 vs. SBJohnny/Defendant Rebuttal

These will each take place independently and once each step is completed, that page will be protected from editing and archived. Any attempt to jump ahead will result in that content being deleted, as will any attempt at trying to edit/reply within these pages to turn them into a massive argument. The whole point of doing this is to formalize the arbitration process and give people the opportunity to express their opinions without getting into the free-for-all typically found on most user talk pages.

This is really intended to be much more like a legal brief, and it should be considered something like that in terms of format and style. There is no need for legal niceties or getting real technical, but make sure that very specific issues are presented both in the charges and rebuttal areas. After all this will be a final "verdict" on all of this: