Wii Sports/Golf

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Golf, at first, is difficult to grasp. Firstly, look at your map in the right hand corner. This shows the direction the ball will travel. By using the left and right directional keys, you can change this, and by using up and down you can change your club. Now, to hit the ball. Hold the remote sideways, like a golf club, but so the buttons are facing away from you. Hold A, and keep this held. Raise your control like a golf club, and then strike the ball. The power indicator shows how hard you have hit the ball. If it goes red, and bends to a direction, it will overshoot, and go that way. Careful and sensible use of force results in less power. Wind is shown the top left, showing power and direction. There is no easy way to judge how much by, but counterbalance using power and direction. With practice, it becomes second nature. Next, when you are near a hole, press 1. This should show you the slope of the land. Take this into consideration, and counterbalance accordingly. Keep trying if you fail, and don't worry about the score. Soon, with luck, you'll be potting shots with ease. Experiment, and learn from your mistakes, and you'll master golf.