Wii Sports/Boxing

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Two gamers playing Wii Sports Boxing

Technique Overview - Punching[edit | edit source]

Aiming Punches - by placing your Wiimote at varying angles (from horizontal to vertical), your fighter will try high, mid and low punches. By flicking the wiimote from vertical, it will try a high punch, flicking from a lower angle will provide a mid-level punch, and a still lower flick delivers a low punch. Leaning from side to side allows lateral positioning of punches.

Punch Types:

  • Jab - flick the lead (off) hand away from the body; angle determines height and power determines the strength of the punch/recovery time.
  • Cross - flick the rear (dominant) hand away from the body; similarly, angle determines height and power determines strength and recovery time.
  • Hook - rotate the chosen hand's controller outwards (left hand anti-clockwise, right hand clockwise). A dominant-handed high hook can be performed by rotating in the opposite way. Long recovery time.
  • Uppercut - flick the chosen hand upwards from a horizontal position. Long recovery time.

Each punch has a recovery time - the more powerful the punch, the longer this time. Attempting to throw a series of heavy punches very quickly will therefore result in the game not registering those punches which fall inside the recovery time of a previous punch.

More powerful punches come from combination punches. Hitting with several punches in sequence does more damage to your opponent.

Smaller sharp movements are equally as effective as longer powerful movements if you use the physics of the remote correctly, since the actual maximum power that can be achieved through the controllers is fairly low.

Technique Overview - Guards and Dodging[edit | edit source]

Blocking/Guarding - A player can block the punches of an opponent by placing their gloves in the path of a punch. Simply holding the controllers at a specific angle close together will raise the player's gloves into an appropriate guard. Holding them at a higher angle produces a guard which covers the face, and a lower angle a guard that covers the body.

Leaning and Dodging - Leaning the Wiimote and nunchuk from side to side will also cause your player to dodge and step from side to side. Dodging opponents' punches successfully by tilting the controllers as a punch is thrown will result in a brief period of slow motion during which powerful punches can be thrown which almost never miss.