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Feature Request List[edit]


Phone beep on incoming message

Shift lights on Dash (Maybe Pitside option)

New UI workflow/mockups

Use AIM Beacon to set Start/Finish into IOIO

Configuration Streamlining

Online Track DB

Relative instead of absolute speedometer

Hardware button into IOIO for Set Splits/Acknowledged & General Marker

Reduce # of splits

Tap phone to change speedometer style

Scriptable IOIO outputs

Bluetooth headset to headphone jack relay

Addressed already: Accelerometer option for Z Chan, Calibrate Accelerometer


Unique passcode to link to Pitside

Lap delta time column

"Live" Driver Tracker

Auto-check for updates

Scriptable IOIO outputs


Forum/Website ideas

HTTP Server[edit]

Web UI Suggestions/tasklist