When It Hits the Fan/Teaming

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Lone wolf[edit]

Realize that when working alone you are limited to what you can manage on your own. Most things that you have no experience with will put you in a learning curve, and you will mostly fail to successfully deal with what you don't know or understand, this resource consuming being time one of the more important one.

When working alone prioritization becomes a matter of life and death, with the only positive factor that if you fail you are the only one that will pay for it.

Team Work[edit]

Spreading task between various elements will get things going faster and safer, since risks are also shared. It is in human nature to cooperate and join together to face adversity. Depending on the situation your best chance will be to act on what humanity has done for time immemorial and join a larger group of people.

People you trust, family[edit]

Add people, add complexity[edit]