Welsh/Sylfaen/Gwers 3

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Sgwrs[edit | edit source]


To do:
Gwneud sgwrs

Geirfa[edit | edit source]


To do:
Rhagor o eirfa

Gramadeg[edit | edit source]

Cael + Pronoun + VN

  • Dw i'n cael fy nhalu.
  • Wyt ti'n cael dy dalu?
  • Mae e'n cael ei dalu.
  • Mae hi'n cael ei thalu.
  • Dyn ni'n cael ein talu.
  • Dych chi'n cael eich talu?
  • Maen nhw'n cael eu talu.

Adolygu[edit | edit source]

  • The passive voice will use the verb cael (to get, to receive). The pattern is cael + pronoun and verb-noun. Remember that certain pronouns will mutate the verb noun.
  • This pattern can be used with any tense.