Welsh/Sylfaen/Gwers 2

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Sgwrs[edit | edit source]


To do:
Draft conversation to incorporate imperfect tense

Geirfa[edit | edit source]


To do:
Introduce new themed vocabulary

Gramadeg[edit | edit source]

Pronoun Form Pronoun Form
Fi Roeddwn i Ni Roedden ni
Ti Roeddet ti Chi Roeddech chi
Fe / hi Roedd e / hi Nhw Roedden nhw

Adolygu[edit | edit source]

  • The imperfect tense is used for actions one 'used to' do or other past tense functions, such as recounting a story or time period.
  • In addition, some verbs do not even have preterite past tense forms, such as 'gwybod' (to know)