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Safety[edit | edit source]

Safety is a key player in all types of welding. The human body is mostly made up of water and metal don't usually go together well. Make proper use of safety goggles/glasses, gloves, leather clothing, work boots and welding helmets. Welding is HOT, so keep around a metal pail of cooling oil or water, and, just in case, a can of instant-freeze for yourself. Wear earplugs if you are sensitive to loud noise, as it can get pretty loud while welding and grinding. Make proper use of and KNOW the tools you are using, if you don't know what something is or does, ask... it may save a limb or even a life. Be wary of sparks and weld flashing, eyes are extremely sensitive, and if extreme or prolonged enough, damage can lead to permanent blindness. Additionally, arc burn on the skin over time due to excessive exposure to the light can and will lead to skin cancer as the rays give off ultra-violet rays.