Web applications in React, Bootstrap, MongoDB, Express/Use the Postman program to perform read, create, update, delete operations on a MongoDB database through a Node Express web server

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  • 2) Start the MongoDB server, opening a terminal in the mongo_database folder and typing:
mongod --dbpath = data_items --bind_ip

  • 3) Start the Node Express web server, opening a terminal in the ItemsServer folder and typing:
npm start

  • 4) Open the Postman program and create a new item in the database via the POST method:
    POST Postman.png
  • 5) Change the item via the PUT method and the item ID:
    PUT Postman.png
  • 6) View the data in the database via the GET method:
    GET Postman.png
  • 7) Delete the item by the DELETE method and the item ID
    DELETE Postman.png