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Scribd is a social website in which users can share original writings and documents in various formats. These documents and writings are quickly and easily converted to an iPaper [1] format right after being uploaded, so that they can be viewed inside a web browser or embedded into your Website or blog. It resembles a huge online library in which everyone can publish and read documents, even books, online.

Scribd is said to be one of the largest social publishing companies in the world, as tens of millions of people make use of it each month. Many leading print publishing and media companies, authors, corporations and organizations, such as The New York Times, Simon & Schuster, Pearson, Obama’08 Campaign, Ford Motor Company and more, distribute content through Scribd.

[1] Scribd has developed its own iPaper which differs from traditional document formats, because it is viewed inside a Web browser and does not require additional software.

Teaching and learning possibilities

Scribd is a great source of material, communication and learni​ng. It is a website that can be very useful during a teaching-learning process. Teachers can select material from this site to work on according to the topics they are dealing with.

For students, Scribd can be a great resource, not only for research but also for publishing their works. It is very useful for beginning writers since they can get ideas from the site and upload their writings without having to go through a publishing company. Students can also search Scribd for any needed kind of material, having the opportunity to read it online, download it or embed the file in their personal blogs, for example.

Assignments can be submitted to Scribd, giving the teacher or even other people around the world the possibility to see them online and if necessary, use them. It can become very self-satisfying for students as they can monitor how many people read their documents and post comments and feedback.

Scribd is not difficult to handle, you can use it for free, even without having to sign in.

Example links

Reading on Scribd


Miguel Ángel Mendaro Johnson, the author, describes his material as “An Illustrated free book for everyone. It's based on a story about 3 pages I wrote in Spanish. Instead of translating it, I did some drawings and the result is a children's book. I hope you enjoy it!”

School subjects:



These links have been chosen because they can be used not only to teach English but also to teach other areas of education such as Natural Science and Music.

Using Scribd to study grammar


This book can be used by teachers to deal with grammar , or by people who want to learn English outside the formal educational system.

Whole magazines


This magazine has been included as an example of authentic material that can be used by adults, teenagers and even kids who are learning English as a second or foreign language.

Different kind of activities



These can be considered activities for MI (Multiple Intelligences) and they can be helpful for teachers since all students may be stronger in one particular kind of intelligence and therefore may best learn the given material through a different approach.

Game: tongue-twist


This link can be used by teachers as an economic and easy warm-up activity, as a way of practicing the alphabet, or as an excuse to exercise or train our memory.