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You can turn SQL logging on when launching by using -DEOAdaptorDebugEnabled=true or EOAdaptorDebugEnabled YES. However, this can slam out a ton of SQL. While this is useful for some debugging it is way too much to sift through when trying to analyze a particular problem.

You can use this method to selectively enable and disable SQL logging:

 public static void logSQL(boolean shouldLog) {
   if (shouldLog) {
       NSLog.allowDebugLoggingForGroups(NSLog.DebugGroupSQLGeneration |
                                        NSLog.DebugGroupDatabaseAccess | 
   } else {
       NSLog.refuseDebugLoggingForGroups(NSLog.DebugGroupSQLGeneration | 
                                         NSLog.DebugGroupDatabaseAccess |

This can be useful for such things as determining what fetches are performed when a page is rendered:

 public void appendToResponse(WOResponse aResponse,
                            WOContext aContext) {
   super.appendToResponse(aResponse, aContext);