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Sigurður Anton Ólafsson[edit | edit source]

If anyone is having a problem with EOModeler on Windows XP, here’s a solution:

I had a problem with EOModeler, it simply wouldn’t start. It’s a part of WebObjects 5.2.4, that is WebObjects 5.2 that had been updated to 5.2.4 The bug came in during the update.

The solution is this:

  1. after the original installation of WebObjects 5.2, verify that EOModeler works.
  2. You can also check if you see the following processes running in task manager: nmserver.exe, machd.exe, pbs.exe –these are all necessary for EOModeler to run.
  3. Right Click My Computer and select Manage
  4. Select Services
  5. In the Services Menu, make all Apple Services manual and turn them off.
  6. Go on with the WebObjects Update to 5.2.4
  7. Turn the Apple Services back on and make them automatic.
  8. Restart computer.
  9. EOModeler should now work.

Oracle JDBC[edit | edit source]