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Beginning Xcode and WebObjects: From Novice to Professional[edit]

This book has been cancelled. We are planning on writing a book like "Beginning WebObjects: From Novice to Professional", but it will be based on Eclipse and WOLips. This is not yet underway, so please don't ask about the schedule. -- Chuck

Practical WebObjects[edit]

Practical WebObjects is a must-have book for anyone who is serious about WebObjects development. Chuck Hill, of WebObjects mailing list fame, covers a huge number of topics that will be useful at almost any level of WebObjects development. In particular, his coverage of the request-response loop is one of the best explanations available.

WebObjects Developers Guide[edit]

WebObjects 5 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickPro Guide[edit]

Professional WebObjects with Java[edit]

WebObjects 5 is the powerful new release of Apple's award-winning application server, built from the ground up in Java. This allows WebObjects to run on virtually any server making it easily accessible to millions of Java programmers. WebObjects also integrates with other Java-based solutions such as EJB containers, servlets, ORBs, and web services. The combination of a Java runtime with advanced native tools for Mac OS X and Windows 2000 makes WebObjects an obvious environment for customers needing rapid development of flexible, scalable web applications.

This book covers:

Complete guide to installing and using WebObjects 5.0 Multi-platform approach, for WebObjects running on either Mac OS X or Windows 2000 Comprehensive tour of WebObject's application development tools Creating WebObjects components Object-relational mapping to databases using the Enterprise Object Framework Advanced features including Direct To Web and Java Client Practical worked examples throughout, including a detailed case study

You will get the most from this book if you are an experienced Java software developer with an interest in building sophisticated, database-driven web application using WebObjects. Apple has applied all their graphical user interface expertise to make using WebObjects pretty straightforward, but to unlock its potential, a thorough understanding of Java is needed.

Building WebObjects 5 Applications[edit]

WebObjects Web Application Construction Kit[edit]