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Page 1[edit | edit source]

Vegetable Description Size to roll up
Carrot Rabbits and horses love these, but eating them will not make you run faster. 57cm0mm
Cucumber A long, green vegetable. The really fresh ones have sharp spines. 10cm9mm
Tomato A bright red vegetable. Or is a fruit? We don't know anymore. 16cm5mm
Eggplant We are still waiting for it to hatch... 17cm8mm
Onion Everyone sheds tears when they chop one of these up with a knive. If it's that depressing, why cut it at all? 21cm1mm
Sweet Potato If someone around you is gassy, it's safe to assume he ate one of these. 29cm4mm
Corn A vegetable wrapped in leaves. It's a shame that most of it's inedible. 36cm6mm
Bamboo Shoot A food that shoots out from under the soil. It gets hard and inedible when it becomes an adult. 48cm2mm

Page 2[edit | edit source]

Vegetable Description Size to roll up
Turnip Apparently, this isn't just a pudgy radish. 58cm2mm
Daikon Radish A white vegetable. Old ladies have legs this color. 76cm9mm
Daikon Radishes A bunch of white radishes. Tastes very plain, but rich in vitamin D. 63cm8mm
Chinese Cabbages A bunch of bunches of cabbage leaves. That's a lot of leaves. 89cm9mm
Cabbage A bunch of leaves. You peel, and you peel, and it's still just a bunch of leaves. 74cm2mm
Squash Too hard to eat as is, but boil it up and it's apparently quite sweet and tasty. 50cm7mm
Yellow Squash Friend to the squash. It may be yellow, but it tastes nothing like a banana. Don't be fooled. 57cm4mm
Gigantic Pumpkin A large pumpkin that couldn't transform into a carriage. 1m95cm0mm

Page 3[edit | edit source]

Vegetable Description Size to roll up
Big Turnip (RARE) People used to train animals to uproot these legendary vegetables. Just one will satisfy everyone. 18m93cm9mm