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Page 1[edit | edit source]

Trash Description Size to roll up
Vacuum Cleaner This is always breathing in. We don't know when it's going to breathe out. 1m11cm6mm
Dustpan Used to gather and carry garbage somewhere else. 34cm2mm
Store Dustpan Gather and carry garbage with this. A little fancier than the home model. 80cm2mm
Broom An item for sweeping garbage. Apparently some people can fly with this, but We have never seen it. 66cm3mm
Bamboo Broom Drag the bristly bit on the floor to whisk away garbage. Goes great with dustpans. 90cm8mm
Blackboard Eraser Cleaner This sucks up white powder with incredible force. It makes a lot of noise for such an unimpressive task. 41cm5mm
Dust Cloth This occasionally releases an incredible smell, so be careful. 30cm3mm
Dust Cloth Hanger A hanger for drying cloths. Handkerchiefs and underwear are probably all right, too. 1m35cm5mm

Page 2[edit | edit source]

Trash Description Size to roll up
Cleaning Bucket This can be filled with water. You can use it as a cup, but We wouldn't want to. 70cm2mm
Bucket This is mostly used for holding water. Some people like to wear it on their heads. 77cm5mm
Toilet Plunger You pump this up and down in the toilet to clean out the plumbing. It's not exactly pretty. 57cm5mm
Old Magazines Even if you throw them out, they can come back as new magazines. 39cm0mm
Old Book Some collectors go around in search of these. 53cm2mm
Old Newspaper Often reincarnated as a book or a roll of toilet paper. 70cm9mm
Garbage Packed full of unnecessary items. Entire islands have been made from this stuff. 1m26cm1mm
Trash Bag A bag filled with unwanted stuff. It's not a good idea to leave too much out on the curb. 1m26cm1mm

Page 3[edit | edit source]

Trash Description Size to roll up
Mandarin Peel Tart and not very tasty. This usually gets thrown out. 14cm2mm
Dustbin Shooting a paper basketball in here would make anyone's day. 53cm0mm
Trash Can (1) Throw your garbage into this box. But separate your recyclables, first. 87cm3mm
Trash Can (2) It's transparent, so you can see everything that's inside. 1m30cm2mm
Recycling Bin A box for certain kinds of trash. Putting the wrong trash inside is bad karma. 1m35cm1mm
Metal Trash Can He really would have preferred being used as some kind of toy instead of just being a bucket. 1m26cm2mm
Trash Can (3) Holds a lot more than the indoor type. Not that having a lot of garbage is a pleasant thing. 1m26cm2mm
Garbage Dump A place to throw out unneeded things, but only on certain days. Lots of annoying rules surround this place. 4m48cm5mm