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Page 1[edit | edit source]

Playtime item Description Size to roll up
Cup and Ball Apparently it's fun to try balancing the ball on the concave part. 25cm0mm
Balancing Toy Proper balance will get you everywhere in life. 21cm9mm
Red Block You play with these by lining them up and stacking them high. 7cm0mm
Yellow Block Not very useful by itself. Put lots of them together, and you can make abstract shapes. 8cm0mm
Green Block The little nubs on top are the secret to this block's success. 8cm8mm
Blue Building Block Add a little color to your life with this blue block. 7cm0mm
White Building Block (RARE) Put enough of these together, and you can build your own house! 11cm6mm
Jigsaw Piece Put a lot of these together, and you can make a complete picture. We think they should have just made a whole picture. 2cm2mm

Page 2[edit | edit source]

Playtime item Description Size to roll up
Kaleidoscope A tube with lots of little crystals inside. You can look, but don't steal the jewels! 18cm1mm
Daruma Looks like there's room for 6 parts. You have collected 6. Set placeholder - contents to follow
Red Circle Toy Block Build up a column and break it down again. You can be a delinquent, too! 9cm7mm
Blue Circle Toy Block We have never seen anything quite this blue before. 9cm7mm
Yellow Square Toy Block Are they blocks because they block things, or because they were made by blockheads? We aren't sure. 13cm0mm
Red Square Toy Block When these fall down, don't give up! If you keep building, you'll build character, too. 13cm0mm
Blue Triangle Toy Block This amazing object may look like an ordinary piece of wood, but when you put a bunch together, you can make all sorts of things. 11cm7mm
Yellow Triangle Toy Block We don't think you absolutely have to stack these blocks. Still, We can't help but do that whenever We see them. 11cm7mm

Page 3[edit | edit source]

Playtime item Description Size to roll up
Red Toy Capsule People throw out the shell and take the thing inside home. 12cm2mm
Yellow Toy Capsule Looks like an egg, but you can tell what's inside without breaking it. Its contents don't grow, either. 12cm2mm
Blue Toy Capsule The shells are recycled, so you won't harm the environment if you throw them away. 12cm2mm
Clay A handy children's item that can be used to build almost anything. 28cm8mm
Plastic Railroad This railroad is really small, so We think it's a toy. 17cm2mm
Plastic Railroad Corner The perfect thing for building corners. It doesn't come with a warning mirror, though. 17cm2mm
Model Train The coolest part of any train set. You can't move without this, but running it by itself is kind of weird. 16cm9mm
Model Carriage This guy has it easy. He's just pulled by the lead car all day. You can make really looong trains with these. 16cm6mm

Page 4[edit | edit source]

Playtime item Description Size to roll up
Origami Samurai A brand new character who's made out of paper. It's hard to feel affection for it as it has no face. 9cm0mm
Origami Samurai Helmet Origami shaped like a samurai's hat. Put it on, and you'll feel much braver than before. 10cm4mm
Fishing Lure A tool for enticing fish in assorted treacherous ways. Look out, little guys! 7cm5mm
Fishing Hook A tool for hooking fish. Get really good, and you can hook things like shoes and cans as well. 25cm5mm
Fishing Pole A tool used to catch fish. It often catches trash as well. 66cm5mm
Kiddie Spade Digging with your hands is a thing of the past with this. A bit too soft for treasure hunting. 20cm2mm
Kiddie Rake Use this near the ocean to dredge up yummy shellfish. 29cm0mm
Kiddie Bucket Fill it with water and carry it everywhere. An essential tool! 44cm7mm

Page 5[edit | edit source]

Playtime item Description Size to roll up
Picture-story Show A bunch of pictures put together into a story, like TV, except slower. 63cm9mm
Picture Stand (RARE) Can be used as a sort of cut-rate plastic surgery. It's a little pathetic when viewed from the side or rear. 2m73cm9mm
Toy Robot It's made of the latest in plastic and chrome. Perhaps it's the human race's newest weapon. 26cm9mm
Wooden Horse A horse made of wood. It doesn't go anywhere, but merely rocking on it will make you feel happy. 2m5cm9mm
Ream Kite A bunch of kites strung together. Hopefully there aren't any trees nearby. 1m8cm0mm
Kite This speedy kite used to be quite popular. You could probably use these to scare off sparrows. 1m3cm0mm
Balance Toy This never falls down, but it never attacks, either. It probably won't last long in the boxing world. 49cm3mm
Skateboard An even more effective trap than a banana peel. 79cm7mm

Page 6[edit | edit source]

Playtime item Description Size to roll up
Red Balloon A red ball floating in the air. Apparently it's oxygen inside. 89cm7mm
Blue Balloon Gets all sad and wrinkly over time. 89cm7mm
Yellow Balloon Pop it in your friend's face and he'll get mad at you. 89cm7mm
Green Balloon A green balloon. It was probably greener before it was inflated. 89cm7mm
Pink Balloon Get a lot of these, and it seems you can float into the air. 89cm7mm
Rabbit Balloon (RARE) Most rabbits hop, but this one pops. 89cm7mm
Jumping Rabbit Children flail about inside. The children are the ones jumping, not the rabbit. 20m6cm9mm