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Page 1[edit | edit source]

Drink Description Size to roll up
Drink It can hold many different drink flavors. Sucking it through the thin tube is apparently the height of fashion. 21cm7mm
Orange Juice Made from the juice of oranges. It sometimes has bonus pulp inside. 17cm0mm
Green Tea (Can) A refined drink. Nobody ever talks about how it's made from leaves, because that doesn't sound very tasty. 17cm0mm
Coffee (Can) A black and bitter beverage. Drink it anyway, and you'll soon feel the difference. 17cm0mm
Soda (1) Drink it for a delicious, bubbly taste. Mothers get annoyed when you drink this before dinner. 17cm0mm
Soda (2) A bubbly drink. Even after the bubbles are gone, it's still pretty sweet and tasty. 17cm0mm
Sports Drink A drink that energizes your entire body. You can drink it even if you aren't an athelete. 17cm0mm
Apple Juice This is usually gulped down quickly, so you can't test the health of your gums with it. 17cm0mm

Page 2[edit | edit source]

Drink Description Size to roll up
Bottle Cap A drink cap. Strong, or foolish, people apparently rip these off with their teeth. 3mc9mm
Glass Bottle People in TV dramas and movies get hit in the head with these a lot. Actors have it tough. 38cm7mm
Pet Bottle Juice It may be tasty, but gulping it down all at once isn't good for your body. 31cm1mm
Milk Carton Made out of paper, and yet strong enough to keep milk inside. Can be recycled over and over again. 17cm6mm
Tetrapack Milk Milk in a conveniently sized pack. Goes well with cookies and chocolates. 20cm2mm
Milk Bottle A bottle with milk inside. Please try not to laugh while drinking. 19cm9mm
Coffee Milk (RARE) A mild drink made from milk and a black, bitter beverage. Kids love it. 19cm9mm
Large Milk Carton Open it on the wrong side, and things quickly go downhill. 26cm0mm

Page 3[edit | edit source]

Drink Description Size to roll up
Ice Cream Float Mix up the ice cream? Eat it as is? It's quite the conundrum. 33cm2mm
Mixed Juice A drink made of many fruit juices mixed together. It tastes a little gross at room temperature. 34cm9mm
Lemon Tea A sour fruit comes with this drink, but it's usually taken out of the cup before it is consumed. 31cm8mm
Mug Made for hot drinks. There are sets made for hot couples. 20cm0mm
Teacup Use this to drink hot things without burning your hand. Very civilized. 18cm0mm
Teapot Put leaves and hot water in, and delicious tea comes out. Probably its lips are pursed because of the heat. 28cm7mm
Thermos Pot Turns cold water into hot water. It's pretty hot, so don't got using it in place of a bath. 51cm1mm
Kettle Shrieks in pain if you heat it up too much. 72cm9mm

Page 4[edit | edit source]

Drink Description Size to roll up
Oasis Most people cherish this pond as it's found in the desert. Apparently there are some in your heart, too. 201m34cm1mm