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Page 1[edit | edit source]

Decoration Description Size to roll up
Novelty Plate Breaking this is much more serious than breaking a normal plate. 32cm4mm
Picture Frame A panel that contains cherished memories. Some people stare at it while tears roll down their face. 24cm8mm
Parsley Used in all sorts of food, but it's rare to see someone actually eat it. 8cm0mm
Vase Put flowers and water in here. The flowers need the water, so try not to drink it yourself. 44cm3mm
Calendar A stack of papers filled with numbers. Apparently you have to hang this on the wall the entire year. 23cm8mm
Origami Chain A chain made from colored paper. It's pretty, but we don't think it would be very good for chaining the dog. 43cm3mm
Stand A stand to place New Year's round rice-cake. 44cm9mm
Garden Rock Just a large piece of stone, but for some reason people take exquisite care of it. 81cm4mm

Page 2[edit | edit source]

Decoration Description Size to roll up
Paper Tiger A tiger made by gluing pieces of paper together. It nods and agrees to just about anything. 27cm2mm
Bear Carving It's always shown eating fish. People must think it's a glutton. 84cm0mm
Raccoon If it's got its umbrella and walking stick and canteen all ready, then why doesn't it set out already? 1m80cm2mm
Food Sample The spaghetti inside is floating in midair. How strange... 1m76cm5mm
Russian Doll (S) A doll inside a doll, inside another doll. 1m29cm1mm
Russian Doll (M) A doll inside a doll. 1m64cm4mm
Russian Doll (L) The big boss of the dolls. 1m99cm6mm
Russian Doll (XL) (RARE) A giant doll straight from the Siberian Express. It must've been cold. 2m34cm8mm

Page 3[edit | edit source]

Decoration Description Size to roll up
Display Stand Used to sell fruits and vegetables. Line your wares up nice to grab the customer's eye. 2m74cm2mm
Shoe Display Stand A shelf lined with shoes. Some are for wearing, but others are strictly for looking at. 3m15cm0mm
Xmas Tree Looks like there's room for 12 items. You have collected 12. Set placeholder - contents to follow
Xmas Tree (2) You put assorted decorations on this tree at Christmas. 25m73cm1mm

Xmas Set - Page 1[edit | edit source]

Xmas item Description Size to roll up
Xmas Tree (1) A shining, sparkling tree. We hear it comes but once a year. 2m3cm7mm
Boot A jolly old man in red owned this shoe. He gave the other one to a child as a present. 17cm7mm
House Someone probably lives in here. Good thing he's out for the day. 16cm2mm
Santa A jolly fat guy who delivers toys to good children. We feel sorry for the poor reindeer. 17cm6mm
Star (RARE) Sticks out far more than the tree. Our stars still can beat it. 17cm9mm
Blue Ornament A blue ball. It amy look like Earth, but don't be fooled. This is smaller. 10cm9mm
Red Ornament A red ball. It may look like the sun, but oddly, it's not warm at all. 10cm9mm
Yellow Ornament A yellow ball. It may look like the moon, but it's clearly not made of cheese. 10cm9mm

Xmas Set - Page 2[edit | edit source]

Xmas item Description Size to roll up
Snowflake Turns the streets all white when it falls from the sky. 4cm2mm
Giant Santa Boot It looks like a boot for a baby before it's born. 2m4cm5mm
Giant Santa House This house is just big enough for an elf to live in. 1m79cm1mm
Giant Santa There's nothing he can do about his beard getting sweaty. 1m84cm7mm