We ♥ Katamari/Daruma

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Daruma item Description Size to roll up
Hammer A small wooden toy hammer used to knock over stacks of block. We doubt it can be used to pound nails. 16cm6mm
Daruma Head (RARE) A block-like thing with a daruma drawn on it. Never moves, even when the blocks under it are knocked off. 13cm6mm
Daruma Body (2nd) Apparently lives for the thrill of getting sent flying by a hammer. 12cm5mm
Daruma Body Tries its very best to stay put. 12cm5mm
Daruma Body Its mind and body are a mess from all the punishment it receives. 12cm5mm
Daruma Body Not only does this have to support everyone's weight, people are always hitting it with hammers. It must feel very put upon. 12cm5mm