Wampanoag/Parts of the Body

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  • Uppaquóntup (The head)
  • Nuppaquóntup (My head)
  • Wésheck (The hair)
  • |Wuchechepúnnock.| `A great bunch of hayre bound up behind.'
  • |Múppacuck.| `A long locke.'
  • |Wuttíp.| `The brain.'
  • |Mscáttuck.| `The foreheed.'
  • |Wuskeésuck-quash.| `Eye, or eyes.'
  • |Tiyùsh kusskeésuckquash?|- `Can you not see, or where are your eyes?'
  • |Wuchaún.| `The nostrills.'
  • |Wuttóvwog, guàsh.| `Eare, eares.'
  • |Wuttòne.| `The mouth.'
  • |Wéenat.| `The tongue.'
  • |Wépit-teash.| `Tooth, teeth.'
  • |Pummaumpiteùnck.| `The tooth-ake.'

{Obs.} Which is the onely paine will force their stout hearts to cry; I cannot heare of any disease of the stone amongst them (the corne of the Countrey, with which they are fed from the wombe, being an admirable cleanser and opener:) but the paine of their womens childbirth (of which I shall speake afterward in the Chapter of {Marriage}) never forces their women so to cry, as I have heard some of their men in this paine.

In this paine they use a certaine root dried, not much unlike our {Ginger}.

  • |Sìtchipuck.| `The necke.'
  • |Qúttuck.| `The throat.'
  • |Timeqúassin.| `To cut off or behead.'
  • |Mapànnog.| `The breast.'
  • |Wuppìttene énash.| `Arme, Armes.'
  • |Wuttàh.| `The heart.'
  • |Wunnêtu nittà.| `My heart is good.'

{Obs.} This speech they use when ever they professe their honestie; they naturally confessing that all goodnesse is first in the heart.

  • |Mishquìnash.| `The vaines.'
  • |Mishquè, néepuck.| `The blood.'
  • |Uppusquàn.| `The backe.'
  • |Nuppusquànnick.| `My back, or at my back.'
  • |Wunnìcheke.| `Hand.'
  • |Wunnickégannash.| `Hands.'
  • |Mokássuck.| `Nayles.'
  • |Wunnáks.| `The bellie.'
  • |Apòme, Apòmash.| `The thigh, the thighs.'
  • |Mohcònt, tash.| `A legge, legs.'
  • |Wussète, tash.| `A foot, feet.'
  • |Wunnichéganash.| `The toes.'
  • |Tou wuttìnsin.| `What manner of man?'
  • |Tou núckquaque.| `Of what bignesse?'
  • Wompésu, Mowêsu, and Suckêsu (White, Black, or Swarfish)
  • |Suckáutacone,| `A coal black man.'

For, |Sucki| is black, and |Waú acone|, one that weares clothes, whence {English, Dutch, French, Scotch}, they call |Wautaconâuog|, or {Coatmen}.

  • |Cummìnakese.| `You are strong.'
  • |Minikêsu.| `Strong.'
  • |Minioquêsu.| `Weake.'
  • |Cummìniocquese.| `Weake you are.'
  • |Qunnaúqussu.| `A tall man.'
  • |Qunnauqussìtchick.| `Tall men.'
  • |Tiaquónqussu.| `Low and short.'
  • |Tiaquonqussìchick.| `Men of lowe stature.'
  • |Wunnêtu-wock.| `Proper and personall.'