VisSim/Block Reference

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The Blocks menu lists the standard blocks provided with VisSim. When you click on the Blocks menu, most of the items that appear have a filled triangle (s) next to them. These items are block categories. Click on a block category and a cascading menu appears listing the additional blocks.

To make it easier to find blocks in this section, they are presented in alphabetical order, regardless of their block category. For most blocks, a mathematical function is included. The following table translates the symbols that may appear in the function:

Symbol What It Represents
A Amplitude
e Naperian constant
dt Derivative with respect to time
lb Lower bound
mod Modulus
s Laplacian operator
t Time
ub Upper bound
ω Frequency
x Input signal
y Output signal

Input signals are represented as x1, x2, …xn where x1 represents the topmost signal entering the block. When n is omitted, x1 is assumed.

Output signals are represented as y1, y2, …yn, where y1 represents the topmost signal exiting the block. When n is omitted, y1 is assumed.