VirtualBox/Setting up a Virtual Machine/macOS Catalina

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macOS Catalina 10.15.2 and 10.15.3 (and possibly every later version) are only compatible with VirtualBox version 6.1.4 or greater.

Installation script[edit]

The following installation script:

  • free and open-source
  • ...requires only VirtualBox with its Extension Pack and dependencies that can be easily installed in a single command with most open-source package managers
  • ...downloads macOS Catalina, Mojave and High Sierra directly from Apple's servers
  • ...installs macOS without modifying the original Apple binaries and without third-party bootloaders
  • ...creates a VM that is compatible with OpenCore and can be exported (with manual modifications) to KVM/QEMU for near-native performance
  • ...runs on Linux, Windows (WSL, Cygwin), and macOS - Push-button installer of macOS on VirtualBox