Video Production/Using tmpeg

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How to create Mpeg1 files with TmpegEnc: encoder. Download Tmpeg Enc </a>

Some of this help file is taken from

Save your project as a DV avi [which might be useful anyway if you archiving to DVD]

And then Open the File in TMpegEnc - Load the Mpeg1 Pal Setting. See below for a visual interpretation.


Problems and solutions.

You get lines or fuzzyness in your final file...#

This is caused by the fact that your original file is Interlaced. So we need to put on a de-interlace filter.

You can do that by clicking on Settings and then Advanced and ticking the De-Interlace box then OK.


You get an error Message when Encoding from a DVavi

For some reason my set up wouldn't work encoding DVavi straight away and I found this post on a forum which worked.

In TMPGEnc, go to Options -> Environmental setting ... -> VFAPI plug-in

Right click on the DirectShow entry, and select Higher Priority (you may have to do this a couple of times to get it to top priority). Basically then it will use DirectShow to read AVI files, so it can use the Microsoft DV codec.