Video Production/Tutorial on using auto gordian knot

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Using Auto Gordian Knot to Encode a DVD to an xvid file[edit | edit source]

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Auto Gordian Knot Full Package -

Xvid codec - [download and install latest stable binary]

Ac3 codec -

Method[edit | edit source]

Put a DVD in your DVD drive.

Open Auto Gordian Knot

Step One.

Open the IFO file of your DVD this is a small file which has information about which of the data VOB files to open to encode. There may be more than one on your DVD. If the DVD is one long film it is likely that the IFO file you want will be called something like xx_01_0.IFO . If you are not sure you can use the Preview button to check you have the correct film from the DVD

Step Two

1) If your DVD has more than one language audio on it you should choose the appropriate one from the list.

2) You can also include subtitle tracks in the end avi file too. If you want to do that select a language from the list.

Step Three

1) Select how big you want the end file to be. There are three ways of doing this we are going to select the Custom file size option.

2) If it is a full 90 minute film then select 700MB. If you have a 10 minute film then select 100M - a guideline of 8-10 M per minute should give good results.

3) Then click on Add Job.

4) Now click Start.

This will probably take a long time. Encoding is quite intense on your computer's abilities so don't be surprised if it is an overnight job for a full film.