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Conversion of Dv Avi file into the ogg theora video file using windows

The free software to convert videos into the Ogg Theora Format is called "ffmpeg2theora", you can download it here.

You must have the program 'ffmpeg2theora' in the same folder as the video (video.dv or video.avi) that you want to convert (copy-past or drag and drop it in the right location).

Then you must start the Command Prompt', you can find it under : Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.

Imagine the where the video that you want to convert is on your harddrive with the name "E:" in a folder called "umwandeln".

You can navigate to the right harddisk by using commands like "E:" and Enter You can navigate to the right folder by using the "cd" command, for example: "cd umwandeln" and Enter (cd stands for 'change directory')

Other help: The command 'dir' shows a list of the content of that folder (directory)

The command 'cd ..' moves you up to one folder level

Then, you can start the conversion by giving the command:

"ffmpeg2theora -p pro video.dv" (or .avi) and Enter:

After some time, depending on your hardware, the ogg video is ready and available in the same folder.


It is possible to create ogg videos in a lower quality, for example the preview version, the command for that is: "ffmpeg2theora -p preview video.dv". Next to that, it is also possible to code the video in a diffent quality, e.g.: Video Quality 7 and Audio Quality 3, then you use the command: "ffmpeg2theora -v 7 -a 3 video.dv"

ffmpeg2theora -p pro video.dv -> Video: 720x576 if fps ~ 25, 720x480 if fps ~ 30 Quality 7 - Sharpness 0 Audio: Max 2 channels - Quality 3

ffmpeg2theora -p preview video.dv -> Video: 384x288 if fps ~ 25, 320x240 if fps ~ 30 Quality 5 - Sharpness 2 Audio: Max 2 channels - Quality 1

The command "ffmpeg2theora -h" gives a list of the possible output parameters that can be used.

More information on Ogg Theora :: here