Video Production/Creating subtitle files from DVDs

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Ripping subtitle files from DVDs for re-use - and Burning subs to Xvid Files from External files

This is a bit geeky so the documentation is a bit brief. But I learnt how to do it so I may as well document it. It may be useful for someone.


Creating subtitles as an external file from dvd

You can rip the video and subtitle information separately from a dvd and then create subtitle files in different languages which can be played over the top of the player using clever players like Video Lan or Media Player Classic.

To do this you need to convert the sub files you can rip from the DVD information here

Software - install a package with lots of tools for riping dvds called Gordian Knot -

This has a programme attached to it called Vob Sub Rip


IFO files can be opened from the DVD with this tool - Know which segment of the DVD you want to encode. Do this by previewing the VOB files that are on the DVD.


There will be a screen listing languages. The default is to choose all of them. This seems fine stick with this.

It will then strip the information of subtitles from the DVD and save it as an .idx file and a .sub files - and then you can either encode that to an external file or burn the subtitles directly into a file using Virtual Dub

Actually .sub files are not text files... they are in graphic format....
They also come with an index file .idx

TO convert an .sub file into an .srt you need to install a program called vobsub onto your virtual pc.... and use a program contained in that package called vobresync

Open the programme - Open the *.sub file and then Save As and choose *.srt

It works like a scanner ocr program... in which it attempts to identify the letters from the sub graphic text. Whatever it doesn't recognize it will prompt you to enter ... the more it does .. the more it learns...

You can also create your own subtitle files with <a href="">Subtitle Workshop</a> -

Creating subtitles burned into the xvid - using virtual dub

Open Virtual Dub Mod and open the relevant VOB file that corresponds with ifo file.

Add a filter Vob Sub - and choose the .sub file that you have just created,
there is a choice of languages - choose the relevant one.
You can then encode the file normally [see other files for how to encode to divx or dv avi]

With an Srt file you can Add Filter > Subtitler and choose the styles options there.