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  • NOTE: This information appears to not conform with current information
  • Note: This information is incorrect for 4th Generation JDM Legacys.

Subaru uses a 17-character VIN format and code for vehicles sold in the United States. These rules also largely apply to the Saab 9-2x, a badge-engineered Subaru Impreza WRX wagon.

Subaru VIN code[edit | edit source]

The following sample is the sequence and meaning of each character in the Subaru VIN:

Position Sample Description
1 J World Manufacturer Identifier
2 F
3 1
4 C Line type
5 X Body style
6 8 Engine type
7 6 Model identifier
8 5 Restraint type
9 9 Check digit
10 T Model year
11 H Plant of manufacture & transmission type
12 1 Sequential production number
13 0
14 0
15 2
16 1
17 6

The above serial number describes the following vehicle built in Japan by Fuji Heavy Industries:
1996 Subaru Alcyone SVX, 3.3L EG33 engine, AWD 4EAT transmission, manual seat belts
with driver / passenger airbags. The 216th vehicle produced during the 1996 model year.

Subaru WMIs[edit | edit source]

The WMI is specified in the first three characters of the Subaru VIN

WMI Country Description Vehicle Types
JF1 Japan Fuji Heavy Industries Passenger Vehicle
JF2 Japan Fuji Heavy Industries MPV
JF3 Japan Fuji Heavy Industries truck
MMR Thailand Tan Chong Subaru Automotive (Thailand) Ltd.
PLP Malaysia Tan Chong Motor Assemblies
4S3 USA Subaru-Isuzu Automotive /
Subaru of Indiana Automotive
Passenger Vehicle
4S4 USA Subaru-Isuzu Automotive /
Subaru of Indiana Automotive

MPV means Multi-Purpose Vehicle (station wagon, SUV, van or truck)

Line type[edit | edit source]

The line type is specified in the fourth character of the Subaru VIN

VIN Code Description
A DL/GL/GL-10/Leone/Loyale/Alcyone XT/XT6
B Legacy/Baja
C Alcyone SVX
G Impreza
K Justy
S Forester
W Tribeca/B9 Tribeca/Ascent

Body style[edit | edit source]

The body style is specified in the fifth character of the Subaru VIN *This section is incorrect for 4th Gen Outbacks

VIN Code Description
A XX-94 Justy 3-Door
B 80-84 2nd gen. Leone/DL/GL sedan
C 1st gen. Sedan (Impreza/Legacy); 85-94 Leone/DL/GL/Loyale sedan
D XX-94 Justy 5-Door; 2nd gen. Sedan (Impreza/Legacy)
E 3rd gen. Sedan (Impreza/Legacy)
F 1st gen. Wagon (raised-roof Legacy/Impreza/Forester); 80-89 2nd gen. Leone/DL/GL hatchback
G 2nd gen. Wagon (raised-roof Legacy/Outback/Impreza/Forester); 85-94 3rd gen. Leone/DL/GL/Loyale hatchback
H 3rd. gen Legacy/Outback Wagon/Impreza Hatch
J 1st gen. non-raised-roof Legacy Wagon
K 2nd gen. non-raised-roof Legacy Wagon
L 4th gen. Legacy Sedan
M 1st gen. Impreza Coupe; 80-84 2nd gen. Leone/DL/GL wagon; 5th gen. Legacy Sedan, 1st gen Ascent
M Levorg Wagon
N 85-94 3rd. gen Leone/DL/GL/GL-10/Loyale wagon
P 4th gen. Legacy/Outback Wagon
R Impreza Hatch Widebody
S 6th Gen. Outback Wagon
T Baja; 80-84 2nd gen. Leone/DL/GL Brat
U 85-87 2nd gen. Leone/DL/GL Brat
V Impreza WRX Sedan Widebody
W 80-84 2nd gen. Leone/DL/GL coupe
X XT/SVX Coupe; Tribeca

Engine type[edit | edit source]

The engine type is specified in the sixth character of the Subaru VIN

VIN Code Description
1 1300cc - 1989; 1800cc FWD 1996
2 1600cc - 1989; 1800cc Impreza 1993-95; 1800cc Impreza AWD 1996-97; 2000cc AWD Turbo 2002-05
3 1600 4WD - 1989; 3300cc FWD/AWD 1992-1995; 2200cc FWD 1996-99
4 1800cc 1985-94; 2200cc AWD 1996-2000; FB 1600cc DIT AWD 2015+
5 1800cc 4WD w/out air susp - 1988, 1989; 1800cc 4WD 1990-94 2000cc 2004-
6 2200cc 1990; 2200cc FWD/AWD 1991-95; 2200cc AWD (Ghost); 2500cc AWD 1996-2000; 2500cc AWD
7 1800cc 4WD w/ air susp; 2200cc FWD 1989-94; 2500cc AWD Turbo
8 2500cc FWD; 1200cc 4WD 1991; 1200cc AWD 1992-94; 3000cc 2001-2009; 3300cc FWD/AWD 1996-97
9 2500cc 4WD w/ & w/out air susp 1989-91; 3600cc 2008-up
A 2400cc AWD
B ?
D 2000cc DOHC Turbo Diesel

Model[edit | edit source]

The model is identified in the seventh character of the Subaru VIN

VIN Code Description
1 Base
2 Brighton
3 L
4 2.5GT with cloth
5 LS/S
6 LSi, Outback base
7 GT/RS, Outback AWP
8 Outback Limited Wagon/SUS
9 Postal Vehicle/WRX/Outback VDC
0 Outback L.L. Bean
K STI WRX/Legacy/Outback
P Ascent
V XV Crosstrek

Restraint Type (Passenger) or Weight Class (MPV)[edit | edit source]

The restraint type, for passenger vehicles, or the weight class (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), for MPVs, is specified in the eighth character of the Subaru VIN

VIN Code Description
1 No Passive Restraint
2 Automatic Seat Belt w/o Air Bag
3 Automatic Seat Belt w/ Air Bag
4 Manual Seat Belt w/ Air Bag 1993-94; Automatic Seat Belt w/ Driver/Passenger Air Bags
5 Manual Seat Belt w/ Driver/Passenger Air Bags
6 Manual Seat Belt w/ Driver/Passenger Air Bags and Side Air Bags
A Class A (GVWR 3000 lbs. or less)
B Class B (GVWR 3001-4000 lbs.)
C Class C (GVWR 4001-5000 lbs.)
D Class D (GVWR 5001-6000 lbs.)

The Check Digit is identified in the ninth character of the Subaru VIN

The Model Year is identified in the tenth character of the Subaru VIN

Letters began being reused in 2010.

VIN Code Description
1 2001
2 2002
3 2003
4 2004
5 2005
6 2006
7 2007
8 2008
9 2009
A 1980, 2010
B 1981, 2011
C 1982, 2012
D 1983, 2013
E 1984, 2014
F 1985, 2015
G 1986, 2016
H 1987, 2017
I not used
J 1988, 2018
K 1989, 2019
L 1990, 2020
M 1991, 2021
N 1992, 2022
P 1993, 2023
R 1994, 2024
S 1995
T 1996
V 1997
W 1998
X 1999
Y 2000

Plants and transmission type[edit | edit source]

The assembly plant and transmission type is specified in the eleventh character of the Subaru VIN

VIN Code Plant Transmission
3 SIA Full-time AWD 6MT/AT
4 SIA Full-time AWD 5AT
5 SIA Sport Shift Automatic
6 SIA Full-time AWD 5MT
7 SIA Full-time AWD 4EAT
8 SIA Full-time AWD 4EAT (Postal RHD)
D FHI On-demand AWD 5MT
E FHI 4spd 4wd Dual Range MT 81-84, 85-89 Hatchback, 85-89 Brat. 5spd 4wd dual range MT 85-89
F FHI On-demand AWD 3AT
G FHI Full-time AWD 6MT. Full-time AWD CVT.
H FHI Full-time AWD 4EAT
L FHI Full-time AWD 6MT
P FHI Full-time AWD 4EAT (Postal RHD)

    • SIA = Subaru-Isuzu of America (now known as Subaru of Indiana Automotive), Lafayette, Indiana
    • FHI = Fuji Heavy Industries, Gunma, Japan

The Vehicle Production Sequence number is specified in the twelfth - seventeenth characters of the Subaru VIN

    • 100000 and after - Legacy Sedan SUS (Jan 98 - May 98)
    • 210001 and after - Legacy Sedan
    • 310001 and after - Legacy Station Wagon
    • 410001 and after - Impreza Coupe; Ascent
    • 510001 and after - Impreza Sedan
    • 610001 and after - Legacy Station Wagon Outback
    • 710001 and after - Forester Wagon
    • 810001 and after - Impreza Sports Wagon

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