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English Swedish
I am vegan / we are vegans / and would like something to eat. Veganism is a diet and lifestyle that avoids using animal products in food and in other products of consumption, including clothing, alcohol and cosmetics. People dedicate themselves to veganism for different reasons, with health benefits, animal rights, ecological concerns being some of them.

We do eat; all fruits, vegetables, lentils, beans, rice, and grains. We eat pasta which has no egg, cous-cous, we eat soups and meals with vegetable stock, vegetable and olive oils and coconut milk.

We do not eat meat (beef, chicken, pork or any other animal), fish, meat stock (as used in soups), milk (from any animal), eggs, butter, cheese, lactose, shellac, lard or animal fat, gelatin, or food with these products in, even in small amounts.

Thank you for your time reading this and we really appreciate any food you can prepare.

Jag är vegan / Vi är veganer / och vi ville ha någonting att äta ...


Vegan and vegetarian phrases in Swedish
English Swedish
I am vegan Ja är vegan
I am vegetarian Jag är vegetär
I eat only products of plant origin
I do not eat meat Ja ätern inga kött
I do not eat fish Jag ätern icke fisk
I do not consume dairy products Jag använder inte mjölkprodukter
I do not eat anything that comes from an animal
Do you have vegetarian food? Har du någon vegetariansk mat?
Do you have tofu? Har du tofu?
I want to have fruit salad
Does this bread contain any milk or egg?


Food items that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans
English Swedish
vegetables Grönsaker
fruits frukter
tofu tofu
soy milk sojamjölk
soy cheese sojaost

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