Vedic Mathematics/Sutras/Shunyam Saamyasamuccaye

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Shunyam shutra explains various methods for getting our answer for the value of "x" in an linear equation.

The shutra simmply says that if there is a common term in the equation and the sum of the equation is 0 then the common term can be equated to 0.


        Suppose we have an equation givem by


Here we can see that we have a common term x in all the terms So we can take out x and equate it to 0. Because according to the shutra it implies that when the sum is same the sum is zero.

Or i.e. that we have to take out the common term out and equate it to zero and we will get our answer in one go.

For another eg.

7(x+1) =8 (x+1) We have to find x so what to do?? If we use standard method it will take time We will expand each side and solve

But from this shutra the common term is (x+1) both side so we can equate (x+1) to 0 and our ans is -1.

We can also solve complex questions by applying the same

and save much time.