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Heuristics for securing a van.


  • A locking gas cap to prevent contamination.

Have installed:

  • Auto security system
  • Tinted windows
  • ?Taped? windows (to make it harder to break glass in)
  • Install a hidden switch between the ignition and fuel pump.


  • Always park in areas of high traffic and visibility to deter theft.
  • Disguise the van to be an old work van. Leave "evidence" of it being a work van, such as various trade tools in the front. Keep it dirty. (Although also keep in mind that if the van appears to be full of expensive tools, it can attract the attention of thieves.)
  • Van should pass point-blank review
  • Dress like a worker particular to that trade.
  • Put a for sale sign in the window to purchase cover (plus if someone is willing to pay 2X retail you are in luck!)
  • Buy an automotive security system. Wire it so that you are able to set it off. That way, when someone comes near the van, and you assess that they mean it no good, you can set it off.
  • Hide your important items so that a thief that goes through your van without stealing it outright will not find much.