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Van Dwelling/Laundry

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The special circumstances of keeping laundry clean while on the go.[edit | edit source]

While travel can be exciting, there are also challenges that come along with the fun. One of these challenges can be keeping clothes clean. Not only may clothes look dirty, microbes and bacteria may start to grow on clothes that are stained with food spills and sweat that comes from even the most basic daily activities. Dirt and bacteria also causes the fabric of clothing to break down more quickly, causing clothes to wear out sooner. Also, living in a small space (especially with other people), can sometimes make these smells seem overpowering, so keeping clothes clean may help prevent underlying irritability between travel partners. Also wearing clean clothes generally makes a person seem more acceptable to others.

here are several solutions to keeping laundry clean while on the road.[edit | edit source]

  • Many folks simply use local commercial laundromats available in most towns. Many truck stops also offer laundry facilities.
  • Most newer campgrounds also have laundromats for guests' use.
  • You could go "the natural way" and wash your items in a river or lake (be sure to use eco-friendly soap), or perhaps in a kiddie swimming pool or large bucket, then letting them dry on your vehicle, bushes, or on a rock.
  • Camping supply stores offer choices of appliances to wash small loads of laundry. There are both electrical and non-powered options.
  • Some people make homemade washers out of a five gallon bucket and a plunger; plans are available through a YouTube search.