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Van Dwelling/Introduction

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Welcome to the Van Dwelling book. This book will cover all the information you will need to successfully live in your van or other vehicle on a part-time or full-time basis.

Let's start out with a few reasons why someone would want to live in their vehicle in the first place.

Why live in your van full time?[edit | edit source]

Save money on rent.

Housing costs take up the largest portion of most people's budgets. If you live in an expensive area, such as San Francisco or New York, housing costs can take up 50% or more of your total income, or even be beyond what an income provides. If you live in a van, you can slash housing costs dramatically. Even in cities like San Francisco or New York, it's possible to find a place to park your vehicle for free. Even if you decide to rent a space, the costs are low, and need not be more than $100.00/month.

Save money on property taxes.

No property, no property taxes. Even if you still want to own a traditional home, you could buy an inexpensive home in a small community far from the city center. You could then live and work in the van in the city during the week, then commute to your place in the country on the weekends. Alternatively, you could live in your van full-time, until you save up enough to buy a house.


What do you want to do when you retire? Many people will say "I'd really like to travel." But why wait until you're too old and decrepit to travel? Vans can be parked almost anywhere. If you get tired of where you're living, all you have to do is put the van into gear, and go. You can follow the seasons, follow the band, follow your whims.

Live your dreams.

Many people say "If I only had enough money I'd [write a screenplay, take acting lessons, travel]." Then they spend half their income paying rent, paying utility bills, buying furniture, and all the other accoutrements of fixed living. If you live in a van, most of those expenses can be dramatically reduced or eliminated. The money that would've gone to a house or car payment, could then be spent on making your dream a reality.

See your friends.

As people have become more mobile, family and friends are often spread out over the country. Some friends/family you never see except at reunions or weddings. With a van, you can visit your far-flung friends much more often, and you can bet they'll always have big smiles on their faces when your park your van in front of their house.