Van Dwelling/Conversion Diaries/1983 Chevy Diesel SuperVan (G20)

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In this section, I'm going to describe how I converted my 1983 Chevy diesel SuperVan (G20) into a vandwelling. I bought the van for $800.00 from AAA Upholstery in Raleigh, NC.

To Do:

  1. Clean interior
  2. Replace tires
  3. Paint body
  4. Replace rear fender
  5. Repair air conditioning
  6. Paint interior
  7. Install Flooring
  8. Build cooking module
  9. Build bed
  10. Build bath module
  11. Install 4X4
  12. Install poptop
  13. Repair front driver's side window
  14. Repair rear door lock
  15. Repair window rollers
  16. Install window tinting
  17. Install shatterguard
  18. Install autogen generator
  19. Install water tanks
  20. Build toilet module