VCE Physics/Unit 4 : How can two contradictory models explain both light and matter?

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Description from the Study Design[edit | edit source]

A complex interplay exists between theory and experiment in generating models to explain natural phenomena including light. Wave theory has classically been used to explain phenomena related to light; however, continued exploration of light and matter has revealed the particle-like properties of light. On very small scales, light and matter – which initially seem to be quite different – have been observed as having similar properties. In this unit, students explore the use of wave and particle theories to model the properties of light and matter. They examine how the concept of the wave is used to explain the nature of light and explore its limitations in describing light behaviour. Students further investigate light by using a particle model to explain its behaviour. A wave model is also used to explain the behaviour of matter which enables students to consider the relationship between light and matter. Students learn to think beyond the concepts experienced in everyday life to study the physical world from a new perspective. Students design and undertake investigations involving at least two continuous independent variables. A student-designed practical investigation related to waves, fields or motion is undertaken either in Unit 3 or Unit 4, or across both Unit 3 and Unit 4, and is assessed in Unit 4, Outcome 3. The findings of the investigation are presented in a scientific poster format as outlined in the template on page 13.

Comments[edit | edit source]

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In This Unit[edit | edit source]

Area of Study 1 : How can waves explain the behaviour of light?

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Area of Study 2 : How are light and matter similar?[edit source]

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Area of Study 3 : Practical investigation[edit source]

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