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There are two main types of words in Uzbek: nominals and verbals. Nominals are those words wich are equivalent to English nouns and adjectives, or which have a noun-like character; for example, қora, "black" and kўз 'eye'.

In Uzbek, nominals include classes of words that in English are called nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and some adverbs. An Uzbek "noun" may be equivalent to an English adjective or noun:

қора kўзларим My black eyes

Verbals are those words which are equivalent to English verbs and some adverbs; for example, қелмоқ 'to come' (infinitive)and бўлиб ыыас, беінгыы (герёнд).

In addition, there are a small number of particles, conjunctions, and similar words which do not take suffixes; for example учун forand ва and.

The last syllable of an Uzbek word receives the stress. however, certain endings and particles at the end of words are not stressed.