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Elite Terminal's Screen codes[edit]

Listing of ADP Screen Codes
Code Screen Name
ESP English Statement Processors
ENG English Statement
DED Display ESP[1] Data Base
PCR Print Custom Reports
RPG Report Generator
SCR Set-up Custom Reports
SGR Stack Generated Reports
RXR Reflection English Statement
RPX Reflection Report Generator
TRM Set Terminal Characteristics

^ English Statement Processors (ESP)

Add UNits Accounting side.
Vehicle Management System another entirely different package that isn't always included or sold in the setup. This adds 3 screens per vehicle entry with fields like TRIM, and EXTERIOR COLOR CODE

Configuring the Printer[edit]

A tutorial to configure the printer can be found at ATcon's Add the Slave Printer to ADP.


Interally, ADP runs a very old version of a PICK[1]

database called ADP-PICK. Some vendors sell utilities that will allow you to access this outside of the traditional ADP medium:


The w.e.b.Suite application is a graphical web interface (written in PHP[2]) to the traditional Elite system. The underlying Elite is freely accessible through one of the tabs. The caveat here is the WS system deprecates the older dial-in interface in favor of a tcp-connection, VPN, or remote-desktop connection. Traditionally, ADP resold PC Anywhere, presently they use a secure VPN solution, presumably based on Securelink.

Normally, you would access an Elite System through ADP's standalone Reflection application; however, w.e.b.Suite uses a frame in application that is essentially a telnet client of sort for a web browser.

I've heard the w.e.b.Suite product referred to w.e.b.Suite 2000 (as compared to their totally different system w.e.b.Suite 1000). It remains unclear if ADP will officially market this as the 2000 series.

ADP's official sales page for the w.e.b.Suite DMS system.

Further Reading[edit]


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