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Previously owned by EDS, the ADP DMS@NET system is probably the least used. This system is run on AS/400 IBM server, and is accessed on a Windows 32 bit GUI client. The server will either be Centralized, or Decentralized depending on if it runs on ADP on-site or off-site respectively. The system is managed by the Automotive Retail Group within ADP and because of that the DMS is commonly referred to as ADP ARG.

The ARG DMS is mainly or specifically for Saturn. Their support number is 800-633-6323.

Executive Assistance is the reporting application of DMS@NET to run queries or pull data or the respective department the application (can be reach by using prompt Number 6, 2).


To automate exporting a report the Dealership requires a local copy of [ Network Automation]'s Automate. The cost and setup is approximately $800.00 if done by ADP.

Accessing via Telnet[edit]

If the server is centralized, and if you're on the MS Windows machine run netstat, the entry that is ESTABLISHED on foreign port 1300, should be Telnet-able, that is the AS/400 server.

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