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ADP Alliance is the group responsible for the production of the w.e.b.Suite 1000 (WS1000) system. WS1000 may or may not be located at the Dealership. If it is located at the dealership, it is colloquially called Alliance, if it hosted by ADP it is colloquially called Web Suite 1000.

The Alliance is a native windows system, and as such does not have dial-in terminal access. It might however have dial-in PCAnywhere access if you bought that package from ADP.

For off-site Alliance information please refer to the w.e.b.Suite 1000.

The Alliance's customer support can be reached at: 1.866.668.5394

Exporting Inventory[edit]

Using an Alliance Web 1000, you can run the inventory using a little-known ADP application vminvent. It takes two arguements, a start date DDMMYYYY and an end date.

s:/alliance/vehw/vmdown vminvent 00000000 99999999

It will output a mutilated csv file to C:\vmimvent.


Because the on-site version is not by default globally accessible you will have to find or create a means to access it from outside of the Dealership.

  • Many systems have Norton's PCAnywhere. With PCAnywhere you can remote into and take control of their machine with their IP and the Username and Password.
  • If you have access to the ADP VPN network, you can surely get access to the system.
  • All methods will of accessing the Alliance will require the dealer to supply you with credentials and the IP Address. ADP can tell you the address of the server on the ADP VPN if you furnish the phone number of the dealer or the ADP Client Number.
  • If all else fails use Citrix's [1] and take control of their machine in that fashion.


  • Pervasive SQL 8.x backend (.btr file store)
  • Often NetCOBOL interface