Using Your Dealer Management System/ADAM Systems/Extracting an inventory report

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Trim, and Body[edit]

Adams, doesn't currently have a specified format (definition) for their trim and body fields. Because of this Dealermade, with the knowledge of Adams, has made suggestions to keep the data consistent. Adams provides two nebulous fields, Body, and Body-type, because of a constraint on the size of Body Dealermade expects them to be used as follows:

This field should be used for the purpose of trim. Examples of this include, "LT1" (or 1LT), "2LT", "LTS" etc.
This field should be used for the purpose of body or style. Examples of this include "2WD Limited" or "AWD EWB Crew Cab" etc.

Option Codes[edit]

Currently neither Dealermade nor Adams have made a specific suggestion as to where Option Codes should be placed. This will probably be standardized in the future by one of the two companies.