Using Ubuntu Linux/Introduction for new users

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If you are new to computers, what you will learn in this manual will be a heavenly "dream come true" introduction to cutting edge computing technology. But first, you must learn what a computer is.

If your school teachers told you "Using computers involves cleaning up viruses all the time ", or if you heard from your friends that "Computers would crash every now and then and are so difficult to maintain.", just take it with a bucket full of mud. All the problems mentioned above don't apply with what you will learn in this manual.

Ubuntu is a GNU/Linux based operating system and is also a derivative of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system. Essentially what this means is:

  • Ubuntu will be constantly developed by thousands of voluntary contributors as well as paid developers
  • Ubuntu will always be free (unless Canonical, the makers, do not receive sufficient funding)
  • Ubuntu will receive numerous updates on a daily basis
  • The Ubuntu community will always offer free support
  • You are welcome to contribute to Ubuntu in any way you feel you can help