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posper_reservation posper_ticketcreationgenerator posper_ticketidgenerator posper_property posper_resource posper_cashregister posper_permission posper_role_permission posper_ticket posper_payment posper_tax posper_ticketline posper_role posper_user posper_floor posper_place posper_image posper_imageresource posper_category posper_stockdiary posper_location posper_product posper_productlocationPosperDbdRev423.png
About this image

This diagram describes up to revision 423

To edit this diagram, download the xml description and open it with DBDesigner.

Note that some of the table names and fields are slightly wrong due to DBDesigner4 issues, such as refusing the use of certain table/field names (eg user, password, data) and in other cases insisting on an exact field name that it won't let you change (eg for foreign keys).