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posper_ticket[edit | edit source]

This table has information about a "ticket", which is the collection of items that a customer has ordered.

Column Name Data Type Null Allowed? Key? Comments
id VARCHAR(255) No Primary UUID instead of int
version INT(11) No This is used by hibernate to track table versions
visibleId INT(11) Yes Uni This is the user visible (user-friendly) Id
dateOpen DATETIME Yes The start time for the ticket
dateClose DATETIME Yes The end time for the ticket (Note: does this mean it was paid?)
synched BIT(1) No This field is relevant if openbravo is used in conjuction with the POS system. Synched is set to true when openbravo has been made aware of this ticket (it considers it to be an order).
number INT(11) Yes This field is relevant if openbravo is used in conjunction with the POS system. It is the openbravo "order id"
host VARCHAR(255) Yes The host this ticket occurred on.
place_id VARCHAR(255) Yes Foreign Key The place associated with this ticket : tickets can also be placeless (eg, togo orders have no "place")
userid VARCHAR(255) Yes Foreign Key The user that created ("rung in") this ticket (Note : the data spec says this can be null but how can that be?)
parent_id VARCHAR(255) Yes Foreign Key This is the cash register that this ticket is associated with