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This describes a reservation for a number of customers to eat at a particular time.

Column Name Data Type Null Allowed? Key? Comments
id VARCHAR(255) No Primary UUID instead of int
version INT(11) No This is used by hibernate to track table versions
customer VARCHAR(255) Yes Customer information, most typically just a name like "Dr Farnsworth" but it can be whatever text the user wants.
chairs INT(11) No This is simply annotative information letting the restaurant staff know how many chairs are needed : it doesn't effect actual functionality in software.
date DATETIME Yes The time of the reservation
done BIT(1) No This is set to true when the reservation has been received at a specific table.
description VARCHAR(255) Yes annotative information about the reservation, entered when the reservation is booked. It can be any sort of notes, like "they'd like wine when they arrive" or "need to have a chair ready for a toddler"