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Using PHPEclipse

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PHPEclipse is a set of plug-ins for the Eclipse Framework which provide and integrated IDE for PHP developers. Eclipse, and PHPEclipse are written in Java, and will run on all graphical desktop environments. PHPEclipse is Open Source software, freely available under the Common Public Licence. This user manual describes how to install and use PHPEclipse. It is recommended that new users read at least the first few sections in the order provided. If, after reading this manual, you still have questions or problems using PHPEclipse, you may find the help you need at the PHPEclipse Development Portal.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  1. About PHPEclipse
    1. Why Use PHPEclipse?
    2. Feature Overview
  2. Installation
    1. Installing Java
    2. Installing Eclipse
    3. Installing PHPEclipse
    4. Installing Apache/MySQL/PHP (Optional)
    5. Installing the DBG Debugger (Optional)
    6. Installing the SQL Plugin (Optional)
    7. Installing the PHP User Manual (Optional)