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Course on Maltese language.

Maltese is a European language that has similarities with Arabic, English and Italian.


This book is an introductory course of Maltese.

  • Scope: self-study course for Maltese. It would try to follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. So the reader may expect that typical content be covered (introduce yourself, speak about food, etc) at a starter level. Appendixes would summarize basic grammar and specific vocabulary (eg. numbers).
  • Audience: People with a good level of English and no prior knowledge of Maltese. Knowing Enlgish helps you learning Maltese, since there are a lot of influence coming from English.


  1. The Alphabet and the pronunciation
  2. Introducing yourself (include common greetings)
  3. Food and drink
  4. Shopping
  5. Work


  1. Numbers
  2. Bibliography
  3. Web references