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A person can not be said to be fully mastering a language without being able to understand what other people are saying in that language. Listing ability of foreign language is a very important skill in learning a foreign language. Since there are a lot of contributors from all over the world in wiki, it’s possible to gather everyone’s effort to set up a Multilanguage Listening Tank for language learners.

How to help?[edit]

It’s very easy to help if you are interested in this project. What you need to do is 1) find an appropriate material in that language, 2) record your voice when you read that. Since everyone speaks at least one language, everyone can make contribution. You don’t have to be a native speaker to make contribution to certain language. For example, if you are a native French speaker, you can still make effort in making English listening material. A master language learner should be able to understand when this language is spoken by non-native speakers.


You can find articles in a certain language release in any copyleft license.


There is a lot of forms of listening test for learners. You can simply make it as “multiplied choices”, “dictation”, “answer the question”.

Record your voice[edit]

Find appropriate software to record your voice.


If you are a native speaker, mark that at the very first beginning of the listening material; if you are not a native speaker, mark that too, so that learner can decide what level it is.