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This page is an outline for a proposed book or project. This is only a planning page, not an actual book.
  1. Do not add sub-pages to this outline.
  2. Any user may edit this outline, but Whiteknight maintains complete editorial control on this page.
  3. This page may be deleted without warning.

This outline was last edited on 25 June 2009. Last edit over 107 months ago. Please update.

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This is not a book outline, this is instead a central planning location to improve and standardize the Wikibooks organization mechanisms.

Existing Pages[edit]

These are the currently-existing pages that fall under the scope of this reorganization project.

The Plan[edit]

  1. Create non-existent pages in Wikibooks:Dewey Decimal Classification, Wikibooks:LOC Classification.
  2. Apply {{Categorybrowsebar}} to all necessary pages, bookshelves, etc. Maybe "jazz" it up a little.
  3. Break Wikibooks:Alphabetical classification into sub-pages by letter.
  4. Re-do the following templates to actually include books into a category: ...
  5. Do similar for templates for the LOC system.
  6. Move all content from Wikibooks:Dewey Decimal Classification to the appropriate sub-pages.
  7. Create Categories for all the Dewey top-level categories, and all the LOC top-level categories.
  8. Where possible, associate each bookshelf with the appropriate Dewey and LOC categories.
  9. Create a single template, similar to the Infobox (but smaller) that will identify the Dewey, LOC, and alphabetical classifications of a book.
  10. Fix the Wikibooks:Community Portal, because it is not good.


Wikibooks:Card Catalog Office[edit]

This page is outdated. It needs to be completely redone, but before we break any ground we need to have a clear plan of what this page should be.

Wikibooks:CCO Librarians[edit]

This page is basically useless and should probably be deleted.

Wikibooks:CCO Resources[edit]

This page has been revamped, and is now useful as-is. We can expand it more as needed.

Wikibooks:All Books[edit]

This page is basically a duplicate of the Wikibooks:All bookshelves page (discussed below). It should be deleted, and all links should be updated to point to the proper locations.

Wikibooks:All bookshelves[edit]

Each bookshelf needs an associated category. To do this easily, Each bookshelf will get an associated template that will automatically add books to that category. Every book on a bookshelf will get tagged with the appropriate template. This table below will also provide default values for the DDC and LOC systems for each bookshelf.

Bookshelf Template Category DDC Categories LOC Categories
Art bookshelf {{Art}} Category:Art 700
Games bookshelf {{Games}} Category:Games 700
History bookshelf {{History}} Category:History 900
Humanities bookshelf {{Humanities}} Category:Humanities 100
Language and literature bookshelf {{Language and literature}} Category:Language and literature 400, 800
Computer software bookshelf {{Computer software}} Category:Computer software 000
Computer science bookshelf {{Computer science}} Category:Computer science 000
Information technology bookshelf {{Information technology}} Category:Information technology 000
Programming languages bookshelf {{Programming languages}} Category:Programming languages 000
Meta-languages bookshelf {{Meta-languages}} Category:Meta-languages 000
Computer and video games bookshelf
How-tos bookshelf {{How-tos}} Category:How-tos 600
Study guides bookshelf {{Study guides}} Category:Study guides 300
Miscellaneous bookshelf {{Miscellaneous}} Category:Miscellaneous 000
Technology bookshelf {{Technology}} Category:Technology 600 T
Biology bookshelf {{Biology}} Category:Biology 500
Engineering bookshelf {{Engineering}} Category:Engineering 500, 600 Q, T
Health science bookshelf {{Health science}} Category:Health science 500, 600
Mathematics bookshelf {{Mathematics}} Category:Mathematics 500
Physics bookshelf {{Physics}} Category:Physics 500
Science bookshelf {{Science}} Category:Science 500
Business and economics bookshelf {{Business and economics}} Category:Business and economics 300, 600
Education bookshelf {{Education}} Category:Education 300
Languages bookshelf {{Languages}} Category:Languages 400
Law bookshelf {{Law}} Category:Law 300
Social science bookshelf {{Social science}} Category:Social science 100, 300

Wikibooks:Dewey Decimal Classification[edit]

Code snippet to apply a dewey-decimal classification to a page, where $page contains the title of the book, $_ contains the page text, and $cat contains the appropriate category:

if(! m/\{\{DDC/)
  $_ = $_ . "{{DDC|" . $cat . "}}\n";

Wikibooks:LOC Classification[edit]

code snippet to apply an LOC category, where &page contains the title of the book, $_ contains the page text, and $cat contains the LOC category.

if(! m/\{\{LOC/)
   $_ = $_ . "{{LOC|" + $cat + "}}";

Wikibooks:Alphabetical classification[edit]

Code snippet to apply an alphabetical categorization to a book (where $page contains the book's title, and $_ contains the text of the page):

 if(! m/\{\{alphabetical/)
   $_ = $_ . "{{alphabetical|" . substr($page, 0, 1) . "}}\n";