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This book is for wikibookian programmers who are interested in using Javascript to modify and extend the Wikibooks interface for personal use. We will cover some of the functions that exist in MediaWiki:common.js as well as other global javascripts, and how they can be used to make scripting tasks easier. --Whiteknight (Page) (Talk) 18:39, 1 October 2007 (UTC)

The Plan[edit]

Target Audience
Wikibookians who are interested in scripting.
Will cover the MediaWiki:Common.js file, and common Javascript tasks.
Javascript, Using Wikibooks


Table of Contents[edit]

Wikibooks Scripts Overview[edit]

  • Included Scripts
  • Global Variables
  • Wikibits.js
  • Site Javascript
  • Common.js
  • Personal Javascripts
  • Extension Scripts

Common Tasks[edit]

  • addOnloadHook
  • Importing Scripts
  • Adding Links and Tabs
  • Changing Text and Appearance
  • Editing Tools

Advanced Tasks[edit]

  • AJAX Requests
  • Semiautomated Editing
  • Creating Interactive Forms
  • Cross-Browser Issues

Existing Scripts[edit]

  • Existing User Scripts
  • Extending common.js


Existing Pages[edit]